Saturday, February 21, 2009

Airplane with radial engine

As promised I built an airplane around the radial engine. I did not want to make it too complicated so the result is a 2-seat training plane. The yoke works as expected operating the elevators and the ailerons but there is two of them linked together. The gears are damped with springs and the canopy can be opened supported by a spring when it is open. It would have been more elegant to use a damped spring but that would have taken too much space, and the aircraft almost falls down from the self already...

More photos in the album. There is a video too:


  1. is there an instruction for it???

  2. Really nice work on the mechanical ailerons, elevators and radial engine. Would this website happen to have a plane just like that, but with retractable landing gear? (kind of like a jet)