Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lego Shop in new countries!

As of yesterday accept orders to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Norway and Poland. This means that besides the full selection one can order models designed in Digital Designer, hard to find exclusives and even bricks by the piece through Pick-a-Brick.

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Technic sets for 2010

In the last few days a lot of new details have surfaced about the plans to introduce new Technic sets for 2010. Let's see them!

8045 Telescopic handler
Price: 12.99$
Lego parts: 117
What does it do: Using the handle at the rear one can upper and lower the handler arm. The B set is a motorcycle with a side car.

8046 Helicopter
Price: 19.99$
Lego parts: 152
What does it do: We can move the main and tail rotor in sync. Another handle operates the lifting winch. The B model is a seaplane.

8047 Mini excavator
Price: 24.99$
Lego parts: 252
What does it do: Working treads, knobs to control the excavator arm. The cabin can be rotated around completely. The B model is a treaded handler.

8048 Buggy
Price: 39.99$
Lego parts: 314
What does it do: Suspension on all four wheels, the front wheels with functional steering and the rear wheels drive a V4 engine. The roll cage can be opened. The B model is a tractor.

8049 Log handler
Price: 59.99$
Lego parts: 525
What does it do: The tractor has steering, the trailer can be attached and detached. The lift arm on the trailer can be operated pneumatically.

My favorite so far is the Buggy - one can pack a lot of technics in a small space in 2010!!

Source: TechnicBRICKs. Pics: album.