Monday, October 12, 2009

New Technic sets for 2010

In the last few days a lot of new details have surfaced about the plans to introduce new Technic sets for 2010. Let's see them!

8045 Telescopic handler
Price: 12.99$
Lego parts: 117
What does it do: Using the handle at the rear one can upper and lower the handler arm. The B set is a motorcycle with a side car.

8046 Helicopter
Price: 19.99$
Lego parts: 152
What does it do: We can move the main and tail rotor in sync. Another handle operates the lifting winch. The B model is a seaplane.

8047 Mini excavator
Price: 24.99$
Lego parts: 252
What does it do: Working treads, knobs to control the excavator arm. The cabin can be rotated around completely. The B model is a treaded handler.

8048 Buggy
Price: 39.99$
Lego parts: 314
What does it do: Suspension on all four wheels, the front wheels with functional steering and the rear wheels drive a V4 engine. The roll cage can be opened. The B model is a tractor.

8049 Log handler
Price: 59.99$
Lego parts: 525
What does it do: The tractor has steering, the trailer can be attached and detached. The lift arm on the trailer can be operated pneumatically.

My favorite so far is the Buggy - one can pack a lot of technics in a small space in 2010!!

Source: TechnicBRICKs. Pics: album.


  1. i like the most the tractor with loader an pneumatic arm. it's a great set because the pneumatic arm you can grab lot of thing. great set! good job LEGO!!

  2. The tractor is the best planned set for 2010.
    I hope Lego will propose a big set like the truck crane this year.