Monday, May 25, 2009

8297 Off Roader

From the bigger Technic cars we have already covered the 8880 Super Car, now let's see a less aged set. The 8297 Off Roader came out last fall and can be bought as we speak. The model is somewhat different from its line of blood because it contains electronic parts - but let's not jump forward.

The car is entirely made of studless bricks. In the front we find a V8 engine that is connected to the rear wheels via a single differential. The front wheels have steering and all four wheels include a double wishbone suspension. The doors open upwards with the usual pneumatically damped springs. It could be nothing unusual so far, it is at the same level as a 8458 race car.

However, this is not the end of the story yet: the car contains an elertrical system. When we turn it on we can see the headlights turn on immediately: a first in Lego, this car contains white LED parts. This is only beginning though, the car contains a motor as well. No, it does not drive the car, it would be way too weak for that. With a switch we can opt to drive the winch in the front. The photo below shows the motor and the main switch on the top behind the cockpit.

The most interesting feature of the set is that the motor can be used to adjust the suspensions of the car up or down. Flip a switch (on the bottom of the car, the tip can be seen on the photo above) and push another (in the middle on the side behind the cockpit) and the motor moves all suspensions of the car up or down.

The yellow end of the spring moves up or down around an axle that reaches to all four suspensions. This needs a lot of mechanic parts, as can be seen on the photo showing the bottom of the car.

All in one 8297 is a good set especially because all these interesting things are packed into a set containing less than 1100 pieces (the 8880 has more than 1300, for example). As usual there are more photos in the album. Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Tegla for letting me test their wedding present.

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