Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Favorite cars from the Mad Physicist

We already covered airplanes from the Mad Physicist (Ralph Savelsberg) (here and here), let's take a look at his cars (click on the images).

VW Bug and Mercedes "Heckflosse" alias the "Autobahn":

Shelby Cobra:

Ferrari Testarossa:

Tourist coach:

Pontiac Bonneville:

Chevy Impala:

Ford F150:

Chevrolet Camaro from Chicago City Police:

Mercury Sportsman, 1946:
Each single one is perfect. It is worth to take a look at details like the wheels - almost each one of them is different even though the scale is roughly the same. Likewise, the mirrors, etc.

Now I am only waiting for a Trabant... If I stare at these images for too long, I may build one myself...

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