Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ship in the fish tank

During the summer our kids convinced us to get a fish tank for them. My biggest daughter takes good care of it most of the time and if she forgets then there is Mom who is known to take care of everything.

So far the fish tank had the usual content: fish, plants, decoration, filter etc. But having a father like this it did not take long to get some bricks in there.

What had to happen has happened: there are Lego bricks in the water now. After short thinking I have decided to build a ship that somehow happened to sink right there.

Putting it down was not very simple. As it turned out, Lego bricks are just a little bit heavier than water so it is solvable without additional weight. To get it right, I had to get rid of all the bubbles stuck inside the bricks. I chose the simplest way. With my daughter we disassembled it above the water completely and then built it again underwater with fish watching the show.

As of know it is not known if the fish like it or not. But they are alive and well.