Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lego Technic Challenge, round one

Round one of the Technic Challenge is now closed, you are free to vote on the flying machines!

From the perspective of the Lego company it is understandable but for others it was a small surprise that the ten finalists are exclusively from kids. According to the official statement the jury was surprised that they received so many submissions from AFOLs (Adult Fan Of Lego). In any case the copany has reacted quickly and announced that there will be separate voting for the best AFOL creations in September. On the Designer Blog they also show the best creations from adults.

The rules are a bit refined based on experience from the first round (see TechnicBRICKS):
  • Submissions with URLs are being moderated out before the judges even see the models
  • Submissions with e-mail and other contact information in the description are being moderated out before the judges even see the models
  • The format the judges will be judging from is still photo; ie. no videos will be taken into consideration, and the judges will not see them
  • Visuals that look like 3D renderings will not be taken into consideration as this is a building competition
Finally a video that was not mentioned on the official pages but is definitely worth attention:

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