Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cars, Cars

This week's post is more peaceful than the last couple of ones. Peter Blackert alias lego911 is probably the most productive car builder on the net, or at least in LUGNuts, the best car builder community.

A while ago he started to build the friends of Lightning McQueen. Although the LEGO Company has an official product line around the movie Cars, I like these ones built from real bricks a lot more. Take a look at Flo:

These are not real photos, but they look good nevertheless. The realistic lighting and the POV-Ray treatment makes them quite professional in my opinion. David Hobbscapp is a Jaguar E-Type, built from bricks:

And this is Finn McMissile in action:

At last, one of the most recognized characters, the Sheriff:

It is worth taking a look at lego911's other photos as well, there are many good ones from Cars and unrelated too.

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